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I’m just thankful for indoor plumbing.


Ambulance took him. He came home.

Hearing granny laugh on the phone.

It’s just a cold, not Covid.

Reached age 92, grandson reached 3.

My wife gave me her kidney.


Got sober during 2020, stayed sober.

Wasn’t too late to say sorry.

Wildfires took much but we survived.

Volunteers who take experimental vaccines.

Healthcare workers. Healthcare workers. Healthcare workers.


Pandemic baby after years of trying.

At twelve weeks, size of lime.

Toddler sees Audrey Hepburn, says “Mama!”

I watched her learn to read.

Water cooler chats with six-year-old son.


Thankful for learning, in my pajamas.

Out of prison with great job.

Stole my car, not my books.

Tried. Failed. Failed worse. Kept going.

248 cocktail hours with my mom.


The freedom of filing for divorce.

Lost job. Lost boyfriend. Found happiness.

Postponed wedding, having a baby instead.

Fell in love at age 75.

I proposed and she said yes.

Thanks for joining me this week. See you on Monday.

— Natasha

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• “The Daily” will be back next week. Until then, we’re listening to “This American Life”: Here’s seven outstanding episodes, as selected by Ira Glass, the show’s host.
• Have a go at today’s Mini Crossword puzzle. A clue to get you started: Fuzzy buzzers (four letters). You can find all our puzzles here.
• The word “vaccaccino” appeared for the first time in The Times this week, in an article about AstraZeneca’s vaccine trial, as noted by the Twitter bot @NYT_first_said.
• The Times received seven nominations, including four for our Op-Docs, for the 2020 Annual IDA Documentary Awards.

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