‘We’re gonna do 69,’ referee informs Cowboys-Eagles viewers

Now NFL refs are yelling about “69" because 2020.

Now NFL refs are yelling about “69″ because 2020.
Screenshot: NFL on FOX

“We’re gonna do 69” was something I (or anyone) didn’t exactly expect to hear while watching the Cowboys-Eagles game.

But during the second quarter of tonight’s NFC East matchup, a few refs were caught on hot mics, saying “69” enough times for this site to pay attention.

There’s a lot going on in this 12-second clip so we figured we’d give you a transcript.

Ref 1: “I got 69.”

Ref 2: “I got 69.”

Ref 1: “I got 69.”

Can someone please make up their minds?

Ref 1 (in a low voice): “We’re gonna do 69.”

It was, indeed, a false start penalty on Eagles’ No. 69, who has a name, by the way. [Looks up 69 on Eagles]. Yup, Matt Pryor, I definitely know who he is.

This call is, without a doubt, the best hot mic pick up we’ve seen in sports this year. But don’t call it unprecedented.

In 2007, head referee Ron Cherry made a call on No. 69 in a college football game between NC State and Maryland. That call is still the GOAT of 69-related hot mic moments.

Skip to about 38 seconds in. It’s worth the wait.

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