Welcome to The Ladies Room, a new Deadspin Sports podcast!

Illustration: Edward Murawinski

I can see that some of you have already found the podcast, ahead of the announcement, because you’ve downrated it with one star before the first episode even went up. Kudos to you for having such initiative! Seriously though, stop being so weird.

Anyhoo, this podcast is hosted by Jane McManus, a Deadspin columnist and director of Marist College’s Center for Sports Communication, and me, Julie DiCaro, a senior writer and editor here at Deadspin. So why start a podcast? Don’t be silly — we’re in a pandemic. Everyone has a podcast now. Your mother-in-law has a podcast.

On a more serious note, if the Wall Street Journal’s editorial department and the last 10,000 years of history have taught us anything, it’s that women tend to be left out of the conversation, not taken seriously, and generally disregarded, especially when it comes to sports talk. To that end, Jane and I wanted to bring women back into the conversation when it comes to the biggest issues in sports.

Each week, we’ll talk about the latest in the sports world, chat with guests who have a lot to say, and generally hang out and have fun for 45 minutes. In the first three episodes, we’ll talk with Jemele Hill, Andrea Kremer, and Martina Navratilova. Not too shabby, right?

New episodes drop every Wednesday, and you can listen wherever you get your podcasts. If you like the show, we hope you’ll consider leaving a review, you know, to counteract the reviews that were left before the show even posted an episode.

You can listen to Episode 1 here.

We hope to see you in The Ladies Room!

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