We have to talk about Jac Collinsworth

Seriously, Jac Collinsworth?
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Sports broadcasting continues to be an incestuous display of nepotism, and it’s nauseating. At 25 years old, Jac Collinsworth magically gets to work alongside his daddy Cris on Sunday Night Football, because of course he does.

Now here’s a guy who clearly got his job because of his hard work and dedication to his craft. It’s nothing against Jac — obviously he took advantage of his family tree, and you can’t blame him for doing so. NBC, however, should be ashamed.

On SNF’s postgame, we were treated with Jac, who looks like the love child of his father Cris and Jared Goff. He did a great job impersonating his father, accompanied by the same voice, just sans experience and 36 years of gravel. When he popped up on my screen, I groaned.

As a student at Notre Dame, Jac worked for NBC’s sideline production team for Fighting Irish football games from 2013-2017 — doing the math here, that means he was working for NBC when he was… 18. He then went on to be NBC’s first social media correspondent at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Post-college, he went straight to ESPN’s Sunday Countdown as a “features reporter,” and now gets to work on SNF.

I wasn’t aware that sports commentary was a blood right. Just like Chris Simms and Joe Buck before him, Jac has cut to the front of the line, bypassing countless candidates from varying backgrounds that will never be given the opportunity simply because they weren’t born into the bloodline.

People scream from their computer chairs about a lack of diversity in these hires, and rightly so — they absolutely should. Blatant nepotism and “that’s my boy” hiring should be equally condemned.

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