Washington throws away playoff hopes like Dwayne Haskins tosses dollar bills

Taylor Heinicke came in late for Washington. He wasn’t very good.
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It seems crazy that Washington was leading the division with six wins coming into Sunday, and it seems even crazier that they are still leading the division after being smacked by a team that has lost twice as many games as it has won.

If you didn’t get the chance to see it yesterday (or you just decided that you had better things to do yesterday than watch Dwayne Haskins try to sabotage the Washington Football Team’s playoff chances), here’s all you need to know.

Washington With Alex Smith = Respectable

Washington without Alex Smith = Deplorable

Carolina once led 20-0 in this game because Haskins could only complete 50 percent of his passes and decided to throw two interceptions before being benched late in the game. This performance came after Haskins was caught partying maskless with strippers after a loss on Sunday while still being in a pandemic. For the women’s sake, I hope Haskins is better at throwing ones than he is at throwing a football for Washington.

It seems very likely that Haskins’ tenure in Washington is over.

Aside from him though, Washington still has a chance to make it into the playoffs with a win against the Eagles in Week 17. Smith is currently trying to recover from a calf injury he sustained against the 49ers a few weeks ago — his status for Week 17 is uncertain as of now. I doubt that they would rush Smith back from any injury, but especially a leg injury, considering his gruesome injury history.

So, who does that leave for Washington? Cause they darn sure can’t put Haskins back out there.

Taylor Heinicke? Can he lead this team to its first playoff berth in five years?

Honestly, It’s probably more likely that Haskins finds another stripping party.

Without Smith, All it will take is a Dallas win against the Giants and Jalen Hurts playing well against the Washington front seven, and the team out of D.C. is donezo.

The chances of Washington folding their shot at the playoffs is higher than Wiz Khalifa in a smoke session with Snoop Dogg. It’s all dependent on the status of Smith. If he is there, they have a chance if he’s not the team might as well start packing for Cabo.

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