Wallabies Dave Rennie ‘disappointed’ 20-minute red wasn’t approved, World Rugby

Wallabies coach Dave Rennie says he’s “disappointed” while pointing the finger at northern-hemisphere nations for their role in World Rugby’s decision to not approve the 20-minute red card.

It was revealed earlier this week by the Sydney Morning Herald that the 50-22 kick and goal-line drop-out would be trialled in competitions around the world for 12 months, starting in August.

Rennie said he was in favour of World Rugby’s decision to approve those two changes, but he admitted he couldn’t understand why the 20-minute red card was met with resistance.

The modified red-card rule, which is currently used in Super Rugby after being introduced last year, means that someone who has been sent off can be replaced after 20 minutes with another player by the team.

A red card at the international level at the moment results in a team being down a man for the entire match.

“We’d like to see the red card remain at 20 minutes, as we’ve seen, especially with some decisions that are made, they can have a massive impact on the game and maybe post-game are viewed as not as serious,” Rennie told reporters today.

“At least with 20 minutes you can even the numbers up again, so (we’re) disappointed that’s not going to be trialled from a World Rugby perspective.”

The Wallabies coach took aim at nations from the northern hemisphere for not supporting the modified rule of a 20-minute send-off.

“It had enormous support in the southern hemisphere but not the northern. Not sure, to be honest, I don’t understand it,” he added.

“As we know, there is a lot of emphasis now around head contact and so on. There are going to be a lot of cards.

“Individuals who get it wrong are going to get punished and spend a long time on the sideline anyway. If we can get back to 15 on 15, ideally, that’s what we want.”

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