Surprise! Colin Cowherd has a bad idea, so let’s play ‘Hot Turd Time Machine’

Why IS Colin Cowherd even?

Why IS Colin Cowherd even?
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I know you’re incredibly shocked by this, but Colin Cowherd said something stupid. Again.

To start his show today, Cowherd said the NFL should hold off playing the AFC Championship Game this Sunday until Patrick Mahomes is healthy, because apparently better television is more important than competitive fairness.

Sure, Colin. That’s a brilliant idea and a great precedent to set. Let’s just make sure all the star players are healthy and ready to go before playing a scheduled game. In fact, maybe when a time machine is finally invented, we should just journey back in time and make sure that every sporting event ever is postponed to make sure everyone is good and ready to play.

Maybe we should go back to Super Bowl XXXIX to finish the 2004 NFL season, when Terrell Owens played with a broken leg. The Eagles lost to the Patriots, 24-21, even with Owens gutting out nine receptions for 122 yards.

Maybe we should go back to the 2003 World Series Game 5 and postpone the game so Yankees starting pitcher David Wells could heal up from his back spasms. The Marlins won the game, 6-4, and then the Series in six games.

Maybe we should go back just a few months to the 2020 NBA bubble and make sure Bam Adebayo and Goran Dragic were healthy for Miami for the finals against the Lakers? After all, it’s not fair to not have two of your best players available, right?

Maybe we should go back to 2015 to make sure Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love were both healthy so LeBron James had some help, stopping Golden State from winning their first title of their modern “dynasty.”

Except … You can’t. Injuries are a part of sports. Saying the NFL should hold off on this game until Mahomes is cleared and ready is just idiotic click-bait dumpster fodder that deserves no views, which is why I linked someone else’s tweet showing the clip instead of Cowherd directly.

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