Suns crush L.A. in Game 5, leading to panic in Laker nation

Can LeBron, the Lakers and their fans regroup in time for Game 6?

Can LeBron, the Lakers and their fans regroup in time for Game 6?
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Laker Nation is in turmoil — and it’s absolutely hilarious.

After Game 5, the Lakers faithful are not only pressing the panic button, they are basically sitting on it.

Look at this message from Laker lifer Snoop Dogg last night after the Lakers got smacked up by the Suns:

Snoop’s emotional message on IG is only the tip of the Iceberg for the Lakers fans’ frustrations. Look at some of these messages on Twitter from people rooting for the purple and gold.

Granted, if I were a Lakers fan I would be frustrated too. No one on the court did anything worthwhile for LA. LeBron was 9/19 for 24 points but he got most of his buckets when the game was already out of hand. Dennis Schroder didn’t even score last night. He was horrendous. He had a goose egg on 0/9 shooting. The other Lakers’ starters combined for 11 points.

Anthony Davis was out once again with a groin strain and there are increasing frustrations about his injury history percolating in Laker nation on whether he can be the piece that leads L.A. once LeBron retires.

While Laker nation continues to gripe and whine about their team like they aren’t a 7-seed (and coming off a title!), The Lakers are on the brink of elimination and they have no idea if Davis is coming back or not. They also let Devin Booker get hot again, so if he comes into Game 6 flaming away, it might be a long night for the Laker faithful again.

We’ll see if Laker fans can regroup and not lose their minds again after Game 6 on Thursday, or will they be goin’ fishin’ along with their team. 

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