Sunnnnny days, chasing Coviiiiiid away … Sesame Street invades SEC Nation

Get on the Muppet bandwagon ...

Get on the Muppet bandwagon …
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Big Bird got to Neyland Stadium early on Saturday to make sure he had a good seat for Tennessee against Florida.

Apparently word didn’t get to Sesame Street that the Volunteers are limiting attendance this season, so once the game started, there was Big Bird, all alone.

Maybe Mr. Snuffleupagus was there, too, who’s to say? Big Bird’s best friend has been visible to others since the early 1980s, because it’s important for kids to know that adults will believe them, but Snuffy does have a long history of disappearing right before he’s about to be seen, so maybe he was off getting a nice glass of milk.

If anyone from Sesame Street was going to be a Tennessee fan, you’d think it would be Ernie, an orange mess of a person who can be found playing with a Duckie, but there was no sign of him, or Bert — who might appreciate the late Bert Rechichar — at the game.

Even more surprisingly, there was no sign of Count Von Count, who would absolutely love Tennessee’s defense and its proclivity for surrendering points — 180 over five straight losses entering Saturday. Ah-ah-ah!

Cookie Monster, obviously, would have been rooting for Florida, as the Gator Chomp is right up his alley. Elmo wouldn’t be there as a Crimson Tide fan, while Grover probably got stuck at the entrance to the stadium, trying to go over, under, around, and through the turnstiles.

Can you telllll me how to get … how to get [back to] realityyyyy?

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