Predicting the starting NFL QBs likely to end up elsewhere next year

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We saw how Haskins was tossed out of the starting spot in Washington.

No, Washington was not winning. They were 1-3. But what we were told was not entirely lining up with how Haskins played on the field. Deadspin wrote a piece about how Haskins’ development took a back seat to NFL nepotism, which is the exact reason Haskins should push for a trade.

A 2019 first-round pick, Haskins was drafted to be the face of Washington’s football team. That hasn’t worked out, and it’s time for him to go.

Washington coach Ron Rivera spoke highly of Haskins in December, saying he’s grown, matured, and developed over the last month. Then why was a hobbled Alex Smith still in the game and Haskins wasn’t?

Haskins needs an organization that wants to push for his development. And Washington has shown that is not their priority. He should be traded to Indianapolis, Jacksonville, or New England, depending on how the 2021 Draft shakes out.

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