Nationals streaker entertains all of MLB on a boring Wednesday night

Safe! That was quite a slide by the Washington streaker.

Safe! That was quite a slide by the Washington streaker.
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Are we sure we want fans back?

I’m kidding, of course. I’ve missed them as much as the next person. Those mostly vaccinated Knick fans have been rocking the Garden. And the patrons at the PGA Championship certainly made Phil’s win more exciting (and dangerous too, I guess).

I’ve missed high-fiving a stranger, or strangers. I’ve missed those cheesy marriage proposals on the jumbotron, the edible-ish stadium food, and even the occasional streaker.

I guess this is the “new normal” we’ve been waiting for!

The whole encounter — from stripping down to getting arrested — lasted around a minute and a half.

The innovative streaker uses the rain tarp as a slip ’n slide and the circular tarp container as a shelter from the security guards spoiling the fun.

Baseball needs excitement. Casual fans and members of the media complain about it every year. They want shorter games, somehow filled with more action and less downtime. But maybe they have it all wrong. Did you hear that limited capacity crowd cheering and jeering the on field event? I mean, it certainly brought some attention to MLB last night.

I’m guessing that streaking at MLB games will never be a way to attract a new TV audience. But it did grab eyeballs on a Wednesday night in May. And here you are, reading about it the next day. Do you remember the last time you cared this much about early season baseball?

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