‘Mask Madness’ is NCAA’s latest reminder of just how greedy and awful they are

The NCAA has filed for a trademark for the phrase “Mask Madness.”

The NCAA has filed for a trademark for the phrase “Mask Madness.”
Screenshot: US Patent Office

In case you forgot. In the event you needed a reminder. The NCAA will stop at nothing to capitalize on the sacred American dollar during a worldwide pandemic that is even tearing through its own organization.

Today, it was revealed that the exploitative college sports conglomerate filed for the trademark of ‘MASK MADNESS’ on December 23, just in time for the holidays!

The report came courtesy of Josh Gerben, the head of a trademark law firm, who provided a screenshot from the U.S. Patent Office website.

Cue the homie Jay Bilas.

So, basically, the NCAA is gearing up to promote mask-wearing and social distancing practices during March Madness, with the trademark of “Mask Madness” serving as the buzzword of choice for the event. They’re going to sell “Mask Madness” branded facemasks. They’ll begin using the phrase to spearhead campaigns centered around the importance of masks. But most importantly, they’ll make money. Lots and lots of money. None for the athletes who are at risk and getting sick, though.

As evident by how they’ve handled COVID to this point, putting entire teams in jeopardy in states with rising cases, this latest news is further documentation that the NCAA will stop at nothing for your dollars, so long as the athletes are unable to make any on their own. In all likelihood, there will be additional sponsors attempting to get their names attached to this, whether it’d be Wendy’s, Reese’s, Pizza Hut, Lowe’s, or Buffalo Wild Wings.

So, in case you haven’t yet decided which side to take on the NCAA’s racket while entering 2021, please allow these gracious and heavenly con artists to swing you in the right direction. Just don’t forget to use the promo code ‘Shamateurism’ when you order your 12-inch medium pan pepperoni pie.

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