Lions coach Dan Campbell sports racing helmet at press conference

Dan Campbell is changing the culture in Detroit, but is that a good thing?

Dan Campbell is changing the culture in Detroit, but is that a good thing?
Image: AP

Dan Campbell is already acting like a coach whose team has won eight games in two seasons.

It’s interesting to see that he’s already integrated himself into the nonsensical culture of the Detroit Lions organization.

You remember Campbell from his previous bizarre behavior this year when he promised fans and the media that he wouldn’t give “coachspeak,” and then proceeded to talk about biting kneecaps in his introductory press conference.

Also for that time he said he was going to get the team a pet — an actual lion.

Today Campbell is back in the news again for wearing a racing helmet to his press conference. Apparently, Campbell was named Grand Marshall at the Detroit Grand Prix and so he chose to celebrate by looking like a Daft Punk-inspired fool.

Honestly, I’m not even mad at Campbell for how hard he’s going to try to win over the city of Detroit. It’s his first job and that city deserves a football coach that’s going to rock with them. But Campbell is out here being all dramatic like he’s LeBron when he gets tapped on the elbow.

Hopefully, the Lions will be better this season with Jared Goff under center. But it’s Jared Goff, so the Lions’ success could be a toss-up, just like his career has been up to this point. All that said, there could be an opportunity for Detroit to make a move in the division with Aaron Rodgers beefing with the Packers’ front office and Chicago starting a rookie quarterback in Justin Fields — or worse, not.

I’m hoping that Dan Campbell can turn Detroit around, and all these shenanigans won’t be for nothing. Alas, we will see — my expectations are very low. “Eight wins in two seasons” low.

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