Last Minute Gift Ideas (Over 25 Gifts!)

Need some last minute gift ideas? I put together a list of 25+ gifts that would not only be appreciated by almost everyone, but that can be easily made or purchased at the last minute! (You might also find these Best Gifts for Neighbors or Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas helpful!)

Shipping cut-off deadlines are earlier than usual this year! Looking for easy last minute gift ideas that you can still pull together? All of these are easy to make or throw together with a simple trip to the store.

25 Last Minute Gift Ideas

1. A Christmas ornament (Here are 25 different DIY Ornament ideas.)

2. A gift card for take out

3. A homemade meal or freezer meal

4. A movie theater gift card

homemade sugar scrub

5. Homemade Sugar Scrub

6. Fancy hot chocolate mix

7. An easy to care for house plant

8. Winter accessories gift basket with a cute hat, gloves, scarves, and lip gloss

9. Car stuff in a wash bucket

potpourri gift idea

10. Stove Top Potpourri (here are some creative ways on how to gift it)

11. A gift subscription to a magazine

12. Fresh flowers

13. Make a donation to a charity in their name

14. A local coffee shop gift card

lavender bath salts

15. Homemade Bath Salts

16. Whipped Body Butter

17. Homemade Fudge

18. Homemade Lip Balm

last minute gift idea banana bread

19. Homemade Banana Bread or Muffins

20. Homemade Bath Bombs

21. Gingerbread House Kit

22. DIY Ice Cream Sundae Kit

23. Cookie Mix in a Jar

homemade marshmallows

24. Homemade Marshmallows

25. DIY Personalized Mugs

4 More Ideas from Followers

26. We love to give Party Mix! My husband makes several gallons and I put it in small goody bags! Everyone who comes to our door gets one! Also the neighbors, friends, and church staff! -Rebecca

last minute gift ideas: trail mix

(Here’s a super easy recipe for Christmas Trail Mix.)

27. One of my favorite last minute gift ideas is to create calendars and photo magnets from the Walgreens photo department. They have same day pick up and run really great deals. -Kelly

28. I like to put together a little gift basket or box with a bag of microwave popcorn, movie candies ($1 or less at the store), and a $10 Amazon gift card for a movie night. -Karissa

29. I buy pretty containers and fill them with homemade peppermint bark, peanut brittle, and turtles. This year, I found some cute glass jars with metal latches at Dollar Tree and I found a recipe for Chai Latte Mix to fill them up. -Robin

What are some of your favorite last minute gift ideas?

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