LaMelo Ball Shows Off 14K Gold, Diamond Encrusted Grill | Sports

LaMelo Ball was drafted number three overall by the Charlotte Hornets last month and when you’re a top 5 pick in the NBA, you get paid. Handsomely.

The 6 feet, 8 inches, 19-year old baller had already been earning basketball paychecks while playing professionally overseas, but the 14k gold grill he recently showed off came as a result of his latest venture.

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According to TMZ, the rookie point guard enlisted AP The Jeweler from Atlanta to create the grill last month as a “treat yo self” purchase. The piece is a pair of 14K white gold chompers with VVs diamonds in a honeycomb set. AP told the celebrity news outlet that it’s “the most diamonds I’ve ever put in a grill.”

It’s unclear how much the diamond-crusted dentures cost, but it’s likely it wasn’t cheap. See video of LaMelo Ball sporting his new obscenely expensive grill below.

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