Kevin Love is a good person and Dan Gilbert sucks

So Kevin Love seems like a good person.

So Kevin Love seems like a good person.
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Kevin Love is a kind, generous guy.

The Cavs forward should be celebrated after he reportedly covered the lost wages of Cleveland arena workers during the pandemic.

That’s nice. He didn’t have to do that, but he did anyway. Good for him. Bravo.

Apparently, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert just doesn’t have the kind of cash laying around to help stadium workers struggling in a once in a lifetime health and economic crisis. The owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers is only worth… [checks notes] $43.1 billion.

The Cavs laid off five percent of their business staff in November. The same week of the cuts, Gilbert’s Rocket Companies Inc. reported $3 billion in quarterly profit.

Clearly, there’s just not enough money to go around. Who can possibly afford these pie in the sky services like paying mostly low-wage workers through a pandemic and economic recession?

Kevin Love, apparently.

Over the course of the pandemic, athletes have been stepping up to provide basic necessities for people in need.

In August, Colin Kaepernick donated thousands of impossible patties to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. Before Thanksgiving, Marshawn Lynch passed out Turkeys in Hawaii. Luka Dončić, Dwight Powell, and Mark Cuban donated hundreds of thousands of dollars “to support childcare for healthcare workers on the frontlines” of the pandemic. I could go on.

Even NBA owner and IDIOT OF THE YEAR top-50 entrant Tilman Fertitta brought his food truck around Houston to provide meals for essential workers.

How about Dan Gilbert? Well, his fortune grew large enough that he became the 15th richest person in the U.S. And he gave $1.2 million to help Detroit in the early days of the pandemic. And, to be fair, the Cavs were one of a few teams in North American sports who paid stadium vendors not on the team’s payroll.

What Kevin Love reportedly did for stadium workers was admirable and commendable. No doubt.

But shouldn’t we also consider what billionaire owners — or the U.S. Government, for that matter — haven’t done, when athletes must step up to cover the fallout?

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