Kevin Durant’s Tokyo Takeover begins at Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony

Kevin Durant’s Tokyo Takeover is underway.

Kevin Durant’s Tokyo Takeover is underway.
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It’s been a hell of an Olympics already for Kevin Durant.

Yesterday, he tried to get on Bam Adebayo for not respecting the rules of the game.

Adebayo answered, essentially saying KD tried to “son” him.

And Damian Lillard wanted no parts.

Today, he’s already had an eventful one, going live during the Olympics opening ceremony. Upwards of 30,000 people watched as Durant conversed with other American athletes he had been walking alongside, including Minnesota Twins minor league pitcher Joe Ryan, who introduces himself at the top of the video.

“What sport you play?” KD asked.

“Baseball,” Ryan replied.

“Oh, you play baseball? What position?”

“Pitcher. I’m starting Game 1.”

“Oh shit. I’mma check your ERA after the game.”

He continued the proceedings by running into other athletes who appeared to be in awe of him, posing with them for pictures, wishing them the best of luck, responding to comments, and, as he put it, “Acting brand new.”

Durant also had Happy Birthday sung to him, despite the fact that he doesn’t complete his current trip around the sun for another two months. His reaction was unintentionally hilarious, as was Adebayo’s, who seemed to enjoy Durant’s (potentially fake) disapproval of the attention.

Durant actually gets on the court with Team USA for the first time in Tokyo this Sunday taking on France in group play. More on that tomorrow, because of all the teams to begin the gold medal chase against, France — led by Rudy Gobert, Frank Ntilikina and Evan Fournier — is one of the more difficult squads in Tokyo. 

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