Jets gift Trevor Lawrence to Jaguars with inexplicable back-to-back wins

Jets Jamison Crowder and Ty Johnson celebrate their future with Sam Darnold and Adam Gase.
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For some reason, the Jets decided to win… again.

I don’t understand why this organization is vomiting away its chances at redemption by way of next year’s draft. But the Jets (2-13) have officially lost the privilege to select Trevor Lawrence with the number one overall pick 2021. Jacksonville (1-14) will now likely do the honors of selecting Lawrence, and starting their own rebuild properly. Even if the Jaguars win next week and the Jets lose, the Jaguars would get the tiebreaker against New York because Jacksonville’s strength of schedule is worse.

Why the Jets, a team that has absolutely nothing to play for, inexplicably wins back-to-back games at the end of the season makes about as much sense as the neck basket. With the second overall pick, they might be able to get Justin Fields from Ohio State, but this season has shown us that there is a gap between the abilities of those two players.

I understand that Cleveland was playing without most of their starting wide receivers and one standout linebacker, but how hard is it to tell your defensive backs to lay off the Browns practice squad?

Why couldn’t the Jets tell their linebackers to leave a hole for the Browns running backs to eat up yards?

Why isn’t anyone in that organization thinking about the future when it’s obvious that their present circumstances are atrocious?

None of this makes sense to me, and I guess it never will, because we are talking about the Jets. An organization devoid of common sense continues to make decisions that leave everyone scratching their heads.

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