Jets fire Gregg Williams, who saved team’s future with worst play-call ever

With. Jets blitzing, rookie corner Lamar Jackson was left to defend Henry Ruggs, one of the fastest receivers in the NFL, one-on-one.

With. Jets blitzing, rookie corner Lamar Jackson was left to defend Henry Ruggs, one of the fastest receivers in the NFL, one-on-one.

The Jets lost in the Jetsiest way possible yesterday, and it falls squarely on the shoulders of defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. In an atrocious display of hubris and arrogance, Gregg Williams made arguably the dumbest defensive play-call in NFL history, and he was fired this morning for it.

The Jets, who haven’t won a game all year, were miraculously up 28-24 on the Las Vegas Raiders with only 13 seconds left. On 3rd and 10, at the Jets’ 46-yard line, Williams said “screw it” and called an all-out blitz.

At this point, a field goal accomplishes nothing. The Raiders had no timeouts. Even if they were able to complete a pass over the middle of the field for a first down, they wouldn’t have had time to get back to the line to spike it. Literally the only thing they could have done was take a shot at the end zone. That was the only thing the Jets had to defend against.

Instead, they put eight defenders in the box and left rookie cornerback Lamar Jackson to cover Henry Ruggs one-on-one. How’d it go? About as well as expected.

Also of note — the Jets had a linebacker spying on Derek Carr, like there was actually a scenario in their minds where Carr could tuck it and run for 46 yards to end the game.

Of course! Let’s make sure we defend against that possibility instead of dropping more defenders into coverage.

Jackson, an undrafted 22-year-old, told the media after the game: “I’m a rookie. I ain’t got no leverage. I ain’t got no seniority to debate a call. I’ve just got to do my job. The call was the call, the play was the play. It sucks because we had just come off a big stop on defense and we could almost taste the win. It’s a walk-off touchdown on me. I got beat. Touchdown. Game.’’

Jackson did his best to stay politically correct, but it sure sounds like he didn’t like the call.

Here’s what makes no sense. They fired Williams this morning for sucking. Isn’t that kinda the point right now? Aren’t the Jets trying to race to the bottom, to presumptively get Trevor Lawrence with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft? If they’re trying to lose, then Williams made exactly the right call and there’s no point in making a change. If the Jets are trying to keep up the facade that they actually want to win, then why in the hell is Adam Gase still the head coach?

The Jets are so poorly run that they don’t even know how to properly tank. Add this to the infamous resume of the 2020 Jets season, which looks more and more like they will become only the sixth team in NFL history to go winless. Listlessly winless.

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