Jaguars fans brave COVID to root for Bears; Jets inexplicably playing well

Bears receiver Darnell Mooney stiff arms a Jags’ defender, to the delight of Jags fans.

Bears receiver Darnell Mooney stiff arms a Jags’ defender, to the delight of Jags fans.
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It’s gotten so bad in Jacksonville, that it’s good.

The number one pick in the NFL draft is hard to come by. The Jets were the prohibitive favorite for the top spot until they won a game and may have blown their chance to be the worst team in football.

Two teams, the Jets and Jaguars, have 1-13 records. But, heading into week 16, Jacksonville owns the top pick.

So what do Jags fans want? More L’s. They are literally cheering for it.

That’s right, Floridians are paying to watch their team lose, live and in person. COVID risks be damned!

When Bears TE Jimmy Graham scored the first touchdown of the game, the home crowd roared like Minshew Mania was back (or ever existed at all).

Meanwhile, up in New Jersey, the Jets aren’t allowed to have any fans in the stands to root for the road team.

New York actually executed a pretty cool trick play that would make a hell of a lot more sense if this team wasn’t trying to tank.

They’re not even good at losing.

Maybe that WR can be the Jets’ backup QB in case, you know, they lose all of their QB’s for a week. It’s not unprecedented.

Their current QB, Sam Darnold, is also out here cracking skulls against the Browns.

Dude, you guys don’t want to win this game. Right?

This must be some sort of sick joke Adam Gase is playing on the fanbase before he gets fired. Lose enough to become the laughingstock of the NFL. Win enough to lose out of the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes.

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