In 2020 things, John Harbaugh doesn’t know what day it is, but who does?

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The entire concept of “days of the week” is just an imaginary construct at this point, with no distinguishable difference from one to the next. John Harbaugh, head coach for the Baltimore Ravens, is all of us.

I feel ya, man.

It’s all just one giant blur of questions and isolation. I literally almost forgot what day it was while writing this. When football came back, I thought there would at least be some normalcy to my schedule — I knew I could count on there being football on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday. Then they had to go get all weird because of COVID-19 and start playing Monday doubleheaders, Tuesday night games, and most recently, a Wednesday matinee game.

There is absolutely nothing normal about any of this.

Harbaugh, who just coached the Ravens in their meeting with the Steelers during that Wednesday clusterfuck that was rescheduled three times, is now experiencing the same level of confusion and lunacy that the majority of us have experienced at some point this year.

Football teams have rhythms and patterns to how they go about their weeks. Generally speaking, in a week where you have a Sunday game, players would rest on Monday and Tuesday, then practice Wednesday through Saturday for their next game. The Ravens are doing essentially the exact opposite of that.

These creatures of habit have no habits to lean on.

Welcome to 2020, Harbaugh!

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