Formula One creep Nikita Mazepin gropes woman, posts video on Instagram

Nikita Mazepin

Nikita Mazepin
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Formula One driver Nikita Mazepin is in hot water after he posted a video to Instagram that showed him inappropriately grabbing a woman’s chest.

The video, posted to his IG story, depicts Mazepin in the passenger seat of a vehicle with the woman in a seat directly behind him. Mazepin reaches back behind his seat and grabs the woman’s breasts.

The woman responds by moving the driver’s hand and proceeds to stick up her middle finger and swat the camera away following the incident.

Haas racing called the video “abhorrent.”

“Haas F1 Team does not condone the behavior of Nikita Mazepin in the video recently posted on his social media,” the team tweeted.

“Additionally, the very fact the video was posted on social media is also abhorrent to Haas F1 Team. The matter is being dealt with internally and no further comment shall be made at this time.”

The announcement was made last week that 21-year-old Mazepin would join the Haas team for the 2021 season.

Mazepin released an apology on Twitter.

“I am sorry for the offense I have rightly caused and to the embarrassment I have brought to Haas F1 Team,” said Mazepin.

“I have to hold myself to a higher standard as a Formula 1 driver and I acknowledge I have let myself and many people down. I promise I will learn from this.”

Mazepin was set to race for the Haas team at next week’s young driver test in Abu Dhabi, to prepare him to be a full-time driver in 2021.

Haas has not announced if Mazepin will stay with the team but they did say the situation will be handled internally and they will make no further comments.

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