Florida State postponed for second straight week on morning of kickoff … & they’re not alone

When exactly WILL Florida State play again?

When exactly WILL Florida State play again?
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For the second straight week, Florida State is off and running … away, that is, from playing their ACC opponent.

Being 2-6 will do that to you. But jokes aside, FSU’s game was postponed the day of for the second week in a row; except this time THEY are 100 percent at fault.

The Seminoles’ game against Virginia was postponed Saturday morning due to “positive tests, subsequent quarantining, and contact tracing within the Florida State football team.”

Last week, FSU’s game against Clemson was postponed due to a Tigers’ backup offensive lineman testing positive for COVID-19.

So last week, the Seminoles got a pass as Clemson yapped about how unfair it all was. This week not so much. Shoe is on the other foot now, too.

FSU, this is on you, but once again, the COVID-19 postponement island is not lonely. FSU has some friends there.

Twelve CFB games this week were either canceled or postponed. Last week, 18 games were postponed, causing much speculation on what will happen with the conference title games.

The end of the college football season is just a few weeks out.

Things are pretty straightforward for the Big Ten, but there is a slim possibility the six-game requirement could be voided.

If the four games scheduled for today are played, for the six-game mandatory rule to go out of the window, 12 of the 14 games scheduled for the last two weeks would have to be canceled.

This is bad luck for Wisconsin, who had three of their games canceled, including their game this week against Minnesota, due to a COVID-19 outbreak. They are 2-1.

Based on what was agreed upon by the BIG Ten to start the season, each team’s average number of games has to be above six. If it drops below that, then the minimum number can’t be less than two fewer than the average.

Which is very unlikely at this point.

Right now, most teams have played four or five games, so this week most teams will hit the six-game threshold.

But we will have to see. It IS 2020.

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