Don’t let the lucky 2018 Super Bowl fool you, this is who the Eagles really are

Doug Pederson realizing once again that none of this is working.
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The Eagles are a prime example of what happens when your organization is rooted in dysfunction.

It’s easy to see that this 2020 squad is absolutely horrendous. But why are we surprised that this team is trash?

The 23-17 loss to the Seahawks on Monday Night Football solidified a few things.

Their franchise quarterback leads the league in interceptions and off-target incompletions while only completing 58 percent of his passes. They don’t have a wide receiver who can create separation in the passing game, let alone take the top off a defense. They have an offensive line that lacks depth and has given up the most sacks in the league (46).

Their head coach doesn’t know how to use the talent on the roster and the president and general manager has continued to miss on difference-making players in the draft.

All this proves is something that we should have already realized. The Philadelphia Eagles are an organization that has shown it’s incapable of building a consistent contender in the modern era.

So why are we so shaken that a franchise that has been average at best for around 10 seasons is showing more cracks in already chipped armor?

Since general manager and now executive Vice President Howie Roseman took over in 2010, the Eagles have only won 52 percent of their regular-season contests since that time. That equates to only 8 wins a season.

The team has made the playoffs only half of those years in what is usually a pretty weak division in the NFC East. In addition to that, they’ve only made it past the wild card round of the playoffs twice in that span.

If you take out the Super Bowl season in 2017, the Eagles are 77-77 in Roseman’s tenure. They are not an organization that produces excellence.

They are an organization that produces mediocrity.

And when you luck out and make a great hire, like having Frank Reich as your offensive coordinator in 2016 and 2017, you may be able to get some results, because their genius can shine as long as the other individuals just get out of the way. Reich was able to completely fix that offense from the ground up and turn into one of the most efficient groups in the league that season while simultaneously turning this same atrocious-looking quarterback, Carson Wentz, into a league MVP candidate.

He’s also the same guy that turned Nick Foles into a Philadelphia folk hero when he came in to replace that aforementioned quarterback after a season-ending knee injury.

Now Reich is doing the same thing as head coach of the Colts, who are 7-4 and in the AFC playoff hunt.

Head coach Doug Pederson is just not that dude who can change a mediocre organization, and neither is quarterback Carson Wentz.

But sadly that’s exactly what the Eagles are and have been – mediocre.

They don’t have the luxury of missing on guys like DK Metcalf and Justin Jefferson in the draft. They don’t have the luxury of not utilizing the talent they do have in guys like Jalen Hurts and Myles Sanders. Hurts can’t come in for two plays and have no impact on the game, Sanders shouldn’t have only six carries when your quarterback is struggling.

Individual greatness can make up for mediocrity but this current Eagles organization has no one that is up to that task.

Roseman will likely keep his job because of how Reich carried them to a Super Bowl victory in 2018, but if they want this team to ascend past the threshold of mediocrity, it needs an individual whose greatness can supersede everyone else’s shortcomings.

Maybe that happens by bringing in Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy or maybe 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh as head coach. Who knows what Roseman will do following the season.

But what we do know is, this Eagles team will get nowhere without a guy whose genius can overshadow the incompetence that seems to exude through that organization.

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