Did Louis Riddick say a naughty word on ESPN’s playoff broadcast? A Deadspin investigation

Louis Riddick pretty clearly said “shit,” right?

Louis Riddick pretty clearly said “shit,” right?
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In the fourth quarter of today’s Ravens-Titans game, ESPN analyst Louis Riddick was breaking down a Marquise Brown replay. “That shit is electric,” he said. Or did he?

Deadspin’s Donovan Dooley thinks there’s no way: “As much as it sounds like Riddick dropped the bomb on national television, I promise you this man is way too smart to risk his ESPN check on a mistake like that. If you look at the context of the conversation, he was describing a player for the Ravens and said at the end of his soliloquy, ‘that kid is electric.’”

Sure, Riddick is a smart guy and should be in line for an NFL GM job… but I think that’s exactly why he said “fuck it,” so to speak, and let one fly in what could’ve been his last game for the worldwide leader. And why not? Monday Night Football has been devoid of personality since Jon Gruden left the booth. Why not spice it up? That’s exciting content right there!

It’s clear to me that Riddick cussed on TV. You may not think so, but the track doesn’t lie. And this debate between “shit” and “kid” could shape up to be the NFL version of #thedress (which was blue and black, by the way).

Whatever happens, hopefully Riddick called his last game for ESPN and takes a job as an NFL GM. That shit would be electric.

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