Chet ‘White Chocolate’ Hanks Defends His Fake Jamaican Accent | Celebs

Struggle rapper Chet Hanks, also known as Chet Haze or “White Chocolate,” has gotten plenty of side-eye over the years for his flagrant appropriation of Black culture, including using the N-word. He is now speaking out about his fake Jamaican accent that has previously gone viral.

On the social media app Clubhouse, Hanks was called out for mocking patois and responded with, “Guys, it’s really as simple as this, if I get on a binge and I watch a bunch of English gangster movies, and I go around, ordering a coffee at Starbucks and I’m with my friend and I go, ‘Give me a latte, guvna.’ I’m not s***ing on English people.”

It was quickly pointed out that the English were not oppressed.

“I understand that,” Hanks responded, continuing, “I’m not trying to offend anybody.”

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The conversation got heated with users trying to explain how his accent was offensive and one person said it was “verbal blackface.”

Hanks added, “I’m aware of the history. I’m aware of that,” before the clip abruptly stops. It’s not known how the conversation ended.  

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