Canucks ice anti-mask anthem singer; Wisconsin falls to Marquette in literal last second

Masks are good for your health and keeping your job, Mark Donnelly.

Masks are good for your health and keeping your job, Mark Donnelly.
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Rich people really can dictate media coverage.

Friday night, the Vancouver Sun posted a story headlined, “COVID-19: Canucks anthem singer Mark Donnelly to perform at anti-masker rally.” But then, Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini tweeted the story, demanding that the paper change its headline.

Not even an hour later, the headline was changed. “Canucks cut ties with anthem singer Mark Donnelly over plan to sing at anti-mask rally.”

We do kind of have to ask now, what’s the deal with British Columbia-based anthem singers and right-wing politics?

It was just four years ago, after all, that a member of The Tenors, singing O Canada at the MLB All-Star Game in San Diego, slipped “All Lives Matter” into the lyrics, and held up a sign with the slogan, which was clear even then was not really a message about equality, but about dismissing Black Lives Matter.

Remigio Pereira, the “lone wolf” member of The Tenors who changed the Canadian anthem, lost his gig with the group, which now is a trio and performed a great O Canada at the 2019 NBA Finals.

So, both of these stories wrapped up happily, but also, isn’t it messed up that Canadian anthem singers face more consequences for their political speech than police officers who murder innocent people?

Paul Boudreaux is the long snapper for the University of Louisiana. It’s generally not a good thing when you find out what the long snapper’s name is.

It didn’t work out as terribly as it might have for the Ragin’ Cajuns. Boudreaux’s first bad snap, which turned into an Appalachian State touchdown, was negated by a penalty. The next one set up the Mountaineers in field goal range, but they wound up missing their own kick to come away empty-handed from that opportunity. The missed extra point, well, that’s a missed extra point…

…and somehow, Boudreaux’s bad night wasn’t done, because in the fourth quarter, he had yet another misfire that resulted in a safety.

With less than two minutes left, Louisiana faced another fourth down, and rather than try to punt again on a wet, 39-degree night in Boone, N.C., took an intentional safety. Even given Boudreaux’s struggles, that was a very strange call because it gave Appalachian State the ball back and only a three-point margin.

Appalachian State indeed got the chance for a tying field goal, sending out Chandler Staton, the leading scorer in Sun Belt Conference history, for a 30-yard try. The Mountaineers’ snap was good. The kick…

…was not.

It’s the first time Louisiana has beaten App State, and Boudreaux can breathe easy about the worst night of snapping he’s ever had.

Marquette’s D.J. Carton had a chance to beat No. 4 Wisconsin with 0.9 seconds left. All he had to do was make a free throw. Just one simple free throw. Uncontested from 15 feet away. He’d already done it once, just a moment before, to tie the game.

Yeah, he didn’t do it.

And that was totally fine, because Justin Lewis tipped home the rebound, not only putting Marquette ahead, but running out the rest of the clock.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

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