Adorable Video Of Tiger Woods’ Son Playing Golf Like His Father

As one of the most most successful golfers in the world Tiger Woods may have passed his gifts onto his son Charlie. 

In an adorable video from Dec. 17, Woods is seen warming up before the PNC Championship. His 11-year-old son Charlie is by his side. The father and son duo are completely in sync while swinging their golf clubs.

Watch the video below:

Later that same day, Woods told ESPN about his son, “It’s so much fun to see him enjoying the game. That’s the whole idea. Enjoy hitting shots and creating those shots. It’s so cool for me to see him enjoy the sport and feeling the shots and hitting it as solid as he is hitting it.”

He also revealed Charlie is already showing some serious talent, “He’s been playing junior golf tournaments and he’s been out in front and having people video him. This is a different world we live in now; everyone has a phone.”

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Tiger Woods was famously taught how to play golf  by his father Earl Woods. By the age of 20, Woods was a professional golf player and quickly became an international sensation. Next year, the 44-year-old will be inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame.

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