A personal update + a big thank you!

He went back to his mama full-time last Monday.

We knew this day was coming (though we didn’t know it would be Monday). We’re so thrilled for how hard his mom worked to get to this place and we’re so grateful for how much she loves him.

At the same time, our hearts are all torn up inside. Yes, this is the ultimate goal. Yes, this is the best case scenario. Yes, we want to be so happy for him and his mom — and we are!

But there’s also a lot of loss and grief at our house right now. It feels so quiet. We see reminders of him everywhere we turn. The tears just fall at random times as we process him leaving. He’s been every bit like our own son for 8 1/2 months, so his absence leaves a huge hole in our home and hearts.

Sweet baby boy: We love you so much. You will always hold such a big piece of our hearts.

Getting to love you as our own on behalf of your mama has been one of the greatest honors of my life. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

You’ve brought so much laughter and smiles and joy into our home. You’re resilient and brave.

I believe God has such great big plans for you and your future. We will always be here cheering for you, praying for you, and loving you deeply. You helped our hearts be beautifully broken and we will never be the same because of loving you. You’ve forever changed our lives, little boy.

We love you, sweet Champ!


The two questions we’ve gotten the most the past few weeks are: Will you foster again and will you still get to have contact with Champ and his mom? 100% yes, we plan to foster again. We will take some time to process and grieve, but we are already praying about who God wants us to say yes to next. And yes, his mama has graciously expressed her desire for us to still be in his life. We don’t know what that looks like for sure, but this week we’ll be babysitting for him some while she works. I’m so grateful for this, both for his transition and for our transition.

Thank you for your prayers and the way you have cheered us on in this journey. It has meant so much. And thank you for praying for Champ and his mama — especially right now. We are deeply, humbly grateful.

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